SAE. 9310 TiN (Titanium Nitride) Completion Package


*Consult a gunsmith whenever assembling or disassembling a firearm




AR-15 TIN Plated Bolt .223 along with; Firing Pin, Retaining Pin, and Cam Pin.

For the shooter looking to add a little SWAG to their Platform, the TIN complete bolt assembly.

This Biz Enterprises LLC Bolt is 100% made in the USA from the finest domestic material available, SAE 9310. This TIN Plated casehardened steel, has strength and toughness properties that far exceed the standard Mil Spec status. It shows high hardenability, high core hardness and high fatigue strength. Often used for gears, crankshafts and heavy-duty gear shafts in aircraft and truck construction. So you know it can take a beating while sending many more rounds down range than the standard typical Mil spec bolt.


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